Holiday Letter 2006

This is a summary of the events in our life this year. Enjoy the photos and the stories. After you're done here, please browse around through the photo albums and family trees, there's lots more to see!

Helena's News

Helena LOVES school! She is a happy Kindergartener. She has fun playing with friends. She loves reading, math, and art. She does not like P.E., "because they make you do laps."(She is also reading at a second grade level!)

Helena is still taking dance. She is now in the "blue" class and has to work harder to learn technique. At first she didn't like it because, "it's tooo haaaaard." However, last week she was dancing around the living room and declared, "I want to be a Ballet teacher when I grow up."

Helena is a Daisy Girl Scout and Kristin is one of the leaders! As a former Girl Scout who received the Gold Award, Kristin couldn't resist. Helen has learned the Girl Scout Promise and is working on learning the Girl Scout Law. No cookies this year - that starts with Brownies...

Helena is a very independent thinker and creative child. She has an intense curiosity and love for learning. She loves Legos, reading, art projects, science, being outdoors. She is also still very much a "girl," who loves to play house, doctor, Groovy Girls, Barbies, and dress-up. What a JOY!

Xander's News

Xander has come a long way in one year! He is now 3 and in pre-school full time at Temple Playschool. Xander has always been very close to two of the other boys in his class, Henry and Eli. To watch the threesome bond has been wonderful. At school, Xander is having fun learning to count and recognize letters.

Xander still very much loves his train table. He also loves animals, books, cars, balls, dinosaurs, space shuttles/ships/rockets, and blocks. Xander enjoys being outside, riding bikes, running, throwing balls.

Xander is also a very independent thinker. He loves to figure out the mechanics of "things." He also loves to deconstruct things, much to his sister's dismay. The cool thing about Xander is that he is quite comfortable switching back and forth from "all boy racing, running, and jumping" to "sensitive, quiet, thoughtful soul." What a JOY!

Kid News

It has been a treat to watch Helena and Xander bond this year. They have truly become close siblings who act out imaginary play together. They are both sensitive to each other's feelings and comfortable in one another's space. Yeah!

Both children also enjoy family rituals and ceremonies. It is special to have your children want to hold your hand during a quiet moment or blessing. We decided to have two children so they would have each other. It is starting to pay off.

Day to Day Activities

In a normal week Helena and Xander go to school during the week and have "Momma and Daddy Days" on the weekend. Everday Grandma Ann picks up the kids at 3 and watches them until around 6 when we get home. This is a tremendous gift and blessing for us. And Grandma Pam and Grandpa Tommy routinely have Helena and Xander overnight - helping our trade show routine, as well giving us time to ourselves. Everyday we are amazed at how lucky we are in the family department.

Nathanael and Kristin are still working at BIOQUANT Image Analysis Corporation. ( ) BIOQUANT develops and sells image analysis software that is used in academic and pharmaceutical biomedical research, especially for bone diseases like osteoporosis and brain diseases like Alzheimer's. The company continues its exciting growth, reaching new people all the time. It's wonderful to be able to work with your family, make a contribution to society, and be able to support your family.

We continue to be active in the Greater Nashville Unitarian Universalist congregation ( ) Nathanael is the Vice President of the Board. Kristin is chair of the Children's RE committee. We are also running the Sr. High Youth group, which meets weekly in our downstairs. It is been a really rewarding experience.

Special Events

A visit to Indiana

In April we visited the Schabels in Indiana. We enjoyed just hanging out and playing, and a wonderful trip to the zoo. The penguin house and an enthusiastic polar bear were great fun. (see photo album...)
Martin and Charlotte Kresge Renewal of Vows
We were very privileged to attend Grandma and Grandad's renewal of their wedding vows after 60 years. This was a very special occasion, one Nathanael and I hope we can repeat in as many years.

Helena's 5th Birthday

Helena had a Ballet Birthday this year! Her girl friends from Abintra Montessori attended. The girls decorated princess hats and star wands. Then they learned a magical dance that Ms. Lori had choreographed to Mulan's song.

Xander's 3rd Birthday

Xander had a "Dinosuar" Birthday this year. His cousins, Grayson, Miles, Sophie, and Anders and his sister, Helena, attended. It was a huge success! Xander's two favorite parts where the "Dinosaur Hunt," where the children followed clues on dinosaur prints to a prize, and the Triceratops pinata.

Day of the Dead Celebration

The children particularly enjoyed Cheekwood's Day of the Dead celebration. It was very kid-friendly, with hands-on art stations for painting gourds, making paper carnations, making journals. We tied a ribbon onto a memorial tree for Penrose (our kitty that passed away last February).

Aunt Donna Moves to Nashville

We are so happy that Donna Michel has chosen to move to Nashville. Nathanael's Aunt Donna was one of the last hold outs in California. It has been great fun acclimating her to the city and helping her set up her house.(Our secret plan is to get all relatives to move here - good for child care!)

Reveal Family Summer Travels

Chris and Leigh's Wedding

We had a wonderful "child-free" trip to Floyd, Virgina, for Chris and Leigh's wedding. The reception was at a local cafe called Oddfellas. The ceremony and reception were atop a mountain with a gorgeous view. Chris and Leigh wrote their own vows - quite beautiful. (See album) It was also great stop and have lunch midway on the 10 hour drive to Virginia with Kristin's college roomie, Lynn, and her husband Jeff, and son Noah (8 months at the time).

UU National Convention in St. Louis

Kristin and Nathanael were brave enough to trek six youth to the Unitarian Universalist General Assembly in St. Louis, MO, in June. It was great! We went to conferences, workshops, voted on issues. The youth had fun eating in "quality" restaurants, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Deli. Many photos of food were taken. The youth also attended a costume ball, talent night, and coffee house. We visited the Arch on the way home.(see album)

Trip to Colorado to visit Grandpa Marc

Nathanael, Kristin, and the kids visited Grandpa Marc in Colorado in August. The kids were wonderful travelers! Special treats were a visit to the Denver Science and Nature Museum, hands-on Morrison Museum, nature hike at Vicki's in the foothills, and, of course, Pierre and Spencer (Grandpa Marc's bunnies). We had a great cook-out with Grandpa Marc's friends, where we were reunited with Kristin's cousins Cameron and Geoff. The kids talk often about this trip and really want to return soon. (The kids were very sad to learn that Pierre, who was very old, has died. Our thoughts are with you Grandpa Marc.)

Family Reunions

Kresge Family Reunion

The 2006 Kresge Reunion was in Nashville this year. Martin and Charlotte's three children, many of the grandchildren, and all 6 "greats" (great grandchildren) were there. Uncle Marty graced us with team bowling shirts, Xander graced us with a 3rd birthday picnic, and thanks to Parke's request we had a lovely Southern lunch at a meat-and-three. Check of the photo albums!

Reveal Kids Reunion

We were thrilled that all three Reveal kids were at Thanksgiving in Nashville this year! It is always great to see Nathanael, Jonathan, and Malina at once - they are so at ease with each other. Thanksgiving was at Pam and Tommy's and the table extended into the living room. Family and love abounded. It was great to see Malina again and to meet and get to know Rich, her wonderful significant other. We took the opportunity to have a group photo session at our local photographers.

Closing Wishes for Peace

We are mindful of the places in the world where people are in danger. We hold in our thoughts and prayers the hope of peace.

We wish all the best to you and your's in the coming year.

With love, Kristin, Nathanael, Helena, and Xander

"Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule." Buddha
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