Holiday Letter 2012

Welcome All to the 2012 Reveal Family Holiday Letter

This is a summary of the events in our life this year. Enjoy the photos and the stories. After you're done, feel free to browse around, there's lots more to see!
Reveal Holiday Letter


Helena News

Helena Pretty

Helena is 11 now, definitely a tween and loving it. She tried out contacts for a while this year, but finally decided glasses were the way to we have photos both ways! She has a great group of friends, is witty, and is one smart cookie. She enjoys building with Legos, reading, and playing with her new Chromebook. She still enjoys Girl Scouts, playing the clarinet in the Symphonic Band, and participating in academic challenges.

Helena Quiz Bowl

Helena representing Bellevue Middle at Quiz Bowl.

Helena Battle Books

Helena's team at Battle of the Books.  Battle of the Books is a like a quiz bowl on 20 different books from a wide variety of genres. First Helena's team won the school contest and then they moved onto the city contest. This was one of her favorite events of the year...both reading the books and the contests themselves.

Helena Social Studies Fair

Helena also won 3rd place for the Scrapbook category at the Metro Social Studies Fair.  Helena's project recreated a girl's journal during the Scopes Trial, which took place in Tennessee.


Helena had her birthday party at the Pottery Place. As you might guess, she loves all things Katniss (from The Hunger Games.)

Check out a video of Helena at Dance Practice!
From Helena Dance Practice

Helena Holiday Concert

Latest newsHelena tried out for the Bellevue Middle Symphonic Band and earned 4th chair clarinet (with three 8th grades in front of her and four 7th and 8th graders behind her). We are sooooo proud!  Videos to come this Spring.

Xander News

Xander Artwork

Xander is now 9 and in 4th grade - the top of the Elementary School! We are sad to experience many lasts - the last elementary school Hound Dog Run, the last elementary school Holiday Concert...soon to be the last elementary school graduation.  We are just as excited to have two middle schoolers with all the new adventures to come!  Xander enjoys "everything electronic" - especially Minecraft, Civilization, Portal, 3DS games, and Skylanders Giants.  He also loves being outdoors and exploring nature. He continues to enjoy art and sketching dragons.

Xander is standing under his self-portrait in the style of Red Grooms, a Nashville artist famous for his whimsical three-dimensional mixed media. 

John Xander Scout Camp

Xander and his friend John at Cub Scout Camp. Here are some fun movies of Xander at Cub Scouts. August Fun Day

Xander Gyroscope

Xander and his amazing gyroscope.

minecraft brownies

Xander and John with Xander's Minecraft brownies. Xander and his friends enjoyed 1.5 hours of neon, jumping fun at Glow Galaxy.

Xander Scouts

Xander at a Webelo Scout meeting. Check out Xander getting his Webelos Award.

Xander Concert

Xander's Holiday Concert. Click to see more pictures and video of Xander's Holiday Concert.


Nathanael to China

Nathanael to China

Nathanael and Guangzu had a business trip in Beijing China. For the most part they worked, but they were able to enjoy fabulous food and a couple of sights. Nathanael enjoyed having a native Chinese translator on hand! For more photos see China Trip.

Girl Scouts "Rock the Mall" in Washington DC

rock the mall

Helena and Kristin went with the Girl Scout Troop to "Rock the Mall" in celebration of the Girl Scouts 100th Anniversary. 250,000 Girl Scouts attended this sing-a-long! In addition to the sing-a-long at the base of the Washington moment, the troop visited the National Zoo, monuments, and museums. It was an amazing trip. For more photos, see Day 1 (National Zoo and DC Cupcakes), Day 2 (Monuments and Museums), or Day 3 (Girl Scouts Rock the Mall).

Vermont "Reveal/Volk" Reunion

Xander cow

Vermont reunion

This summer we had the pleasure of a quiet family reunion visiting Nathanael's Vermont relatives. The Nashville crew rented a cabin near a lake with a beach.  We had days filled with kids at the beach and evenings filled with cooking and s'mores. A group even made a trip to Ben and Jerrys. For more photos see, Vermont Reunion.

Vermont Wedding: Congrats Liz and Steve!

Liz and Steve Wedding

We ended our Vermont trip in Killingon, VT.  Kristin's cousin, Elizabeth Feiker and married Steve Harrison, on a mountaintop. It was a fabulous wedding with all the perfect, thoughtful touches. For more photos see, Liz and Steve's Wedding.

Happy Birthday, Miles!

Miles and Xander

This year we traveled to Indiana for Miles' 9th Birthday.  This was the first birthday of his we were able to make and it was sooo fun!  Xander was super happy to have a buddy to play with not stop for a couple of days.  There was even enough snow on the ground that the boys were able to have several out door snow adventures. (Not much snow for Indiana standards - but those of us from Tennessee were happy!)

Around Town


Cousins Easter

Cousins Grayson and Miles were able to visit during Easter this year and we got this great photo of the six cousins on Kristin's side of the family.

Luke Naming Ceremony


In May we attended the Naming Ceremony for the latest on the Reveal side - Luke Collins. He wore the same gown as his sister, Laura, which was hand made by Becca's mother.  For more photos, see Luke's Naming Ceremony.

August Birthday Bash

August Birthday Bash

In August we have the pleasure of our annual Donna, Kristin, Pop, Nathanael "Birthday Bash."  This is one of Nathanael and Kristin's favorite occasions! For more photos, see Birthday Bash.  We are lucky to live in town with a ton of relative, so we have seasonal Birthday Bashes throughout the year - check our albums for others...


Kids Hallowwen

Halloween is always a joy as we are in the quintessential kid neighborhood. Helena and Xander with cousins Laura, Luke, Anders, and Isabel traditionally troop through the neighborhood in search of loot. They are well rewarded!

A Memory

Marvene Coultas

Donna Pam Marvene Charlie Photo
(Marvene and her children. Left to right: Donna, Pam, Marvene, Charlie)

Nathanael's Grandmother, Marvene Coultas, died this year.  Nathanael, Jonathan, and Malina were able to travel to Vermont to be with her when she passed away.  Later, in July, we were all able to attend her Memorial Service.  We made a video in memory of her life - Marvene Coultas Memory.


Nathanael and Kristin are thoroughly enjoying being parents. The days are flying by. We are also fortunate to work together and enjoy the intellectual stimulation during the day. Sometimes we receive the gift of a rare moment out just the two of us  - for sushi, to Shakespeare, to the movies, for coffee. Know that we value this time and all the family support that makes it possible. At the same time, there's nothing quite so wonderful as waking up with your kids on a Saturday morning to make pancakes, drink coffee, and play.

We wish you all lives rich with love. All the best for 2013!


Kristin, Nathanael, Helena, and Xander 

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